Ah yes. The big question: to elope or not to elope?

You’re the adventurous type. You have a dislike for mainstream and loathe tradition. Perhaps you’re a little introverted and the thought of saying your vows in front of 150 people sounds terrifying. And let’s face it, 50% of them you’ve met maybe once. Couples today are smart, and they realize the value in keeping things small. But then you get curious: how much does an elopement actually cost compared to a traditional wedding?

So you start googling “How to elope” and “elopement wedding packages” and “WHERE to elope“… the cost of flight and accommodation and then add in the cost of an elopement photographer – yikes! It seems like it’s too much. Not to mention, the process of organizing it all just seems so overwhelming.


I thought I would do my own personal dive into this to lay out the average cost and see just how much the cost an elopement wedding compares to a traditional wedding:

Of course, this is only an estimate and I am being extremely conservative with my numbers. This also doesn’t include taxes and gratuities, and any other personal touches you might want. In addition, costs can vary by guest count, venue, and individual preferences. Personally, I have found there can be lots of little things that add up, and those things are hard to track. Veil, jewellery, decor items, license fees, gifts for the wedding party, favours, invitations, a wedding planner or coordinator etc.

but look at the cost difference

I think the margin for savings is so great that even with some of the little things that come up, you’re still saving nearly HALF with an elopement. The best part? You turn your wedding into a completely unique and personalized experience. You get to make memories with your partner. You get to do your wedding YOUR WAY. As an elopement photographer, I can tell you that I document every single moment from start to finish and I tell your whole story – we don’t just take pretty portraits (although it’s still a huge part of what we will do!)

Furthermore, as your elopement photographer I help take care of you throughout the entire process. I assist with researching the locations to help you decide on your ideal spot, I assist with the research to find out license and permit logistics, I provide you with resources and a guide to help you plan, pack, and prepare for your adventure elopement. You get a top-knotch, full service, personalized experience – not just a photographer.

I think the takeaway from this is: understanding what you value most. Traditional weddings aren’t for everyone, but they are for some. Having an intentional, emotion-filled, personalized elopement experience can feel like a big investment, but in comparison you can save money and gain so much more.

a couple poses in front of a vineyard for their elopement wedding

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